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Frequent Questions

What should I expect from a Balanced Barre class?
Barre is a 60 minute fitness class set to upbeat high energy music. We start with a warm up series for the total body, then we move to an upper body sequence using free weights, push-ups and planks. The lower body is next where we use the ballet barre to focus on sculpting the thighs and seat. Mat work follows for the abs and core section of the class. We finish up the class with our final rewarding cool down stretch. We utilize free weights, fitness balls, resistant bands and our own body weight throughout the class. Each muscle group is pushed to exhaustion and then stretched in between to create long, lean muscles.
Do I need dance experience to take the class?
No, the class is not a dance class. It is a ballet-inspired group fitness class that uses the ballet barre and exercises to sculpt the total body. No dance training is required.
Do I need to attend the beginner class before I take the Barre Balanced class?
No, our Barre Balanced class is an "open-level" and the instructor will include modifications for new clients. All ages and fitness levels attend the Barre Balanced class. We do however, offer a beginner class for those who may want to learn the technique at a more instructional slower pace.
How often should a client attend class to see results?
A good goal is to take 3 to 4 classes per week and you can feel the results of a toned body, better posture and higher energy in less than 30 days, depending on your lifestyle and nutrition outside of class.
How is Barre Balanced different than other barre programs?
Barre Balanced is not a franchised studio, we are locally owned and therefore we are able to have greater flexibility to vary our choreography, exercises, and music. Class choreography is constantly being updated so the classes remain challenging and fresh. We offer detailed instruction and individualized attention in a warm, pleasant, and fun atmosphere.
What should I wear to class?
The best attire for barre class is yoga pants that come to your knee or longer, a comfortable top that covers your mid-drift and bare feet or grippy socks.
What do I need to bring to class?
You will need a yoga mat, towel, and water bottle.